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Massage is just one of  the wonderful ways you can experience the energy, light and information that the Universe has to offer you!


COVID 19 – Notice:

NOTE TO ALL CLIENTS: ALL Clients are asked questions from a Covid-19 waiver form to see if they are healthy entering the office and for any service that is offered!

NOTE: Hot Stone Massage, and MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) Massage are not being offered at this time!!!!

CCF02082023_00000Thanks for your patience and understanding. Keeping you safe, your family safe and Cynthia’s Too!










Cynthia Barnesky, founder and owner of SunRise Healing Center. If you live in and around the Strathmore, Alberta Canada area and are looking for RTM and much more, Cynthia would be glad to help you out.

SunRise Healing Center - Logo - 1Here she can offer you an Intuitive Massage that is just as unique as you! Along with many other natural services that will help you become a happier and healthier you! Intuitive Swedish Holistic Massage is a wonderful way for you to change your life for the better, naturally. Located in Strathmore, Alberta, SunRise Healing Center specializes in reflexology and many other holistic healing methods that help harness your body’s natural healing potential. I’m Cynthia Barnesky, founder and owner of SunRise Healing Center. My years of experience allows me to put my clients first at ease, restore their vitality, and teach them how to become happier and healthier. Stop suffering from headaches, sore necks, back pains, sciatica, anxiety and grief. My field of expertise works toward releasing, restoring, renewing, rebuilding and relaxing your mind, body and soul; permitting the weight of these unsettled emotions to lift from your shoulders and heal.  With these proven methods, you can finally end the hardship of bottling things up by releasing frustrations in a healthy and constructive way. With Cynthia`s help, she can reconnect you to the universal`s energy, light and information to be come healthier, happier, and living your life in more peace.  Find assistance through Intuitive Swedish Massage,Spiritual Intuitive Card Reading, Reflexology, IonCleanse Detox Foot Bath, and Divine Love Healing and also an Independent Distributor for Pure Trim.

Learn More about Cynthia >>> Click here for Cynthia’s latest Blogs Click on link to purchase Gift Certificate!

Call to set up for an appointment: Office – 403-934-6416 or Text or Call Cynthia’s Cell: 403-998-9756 or email: sunrisehealingcenter@gmail.com. 

Intutive Card Reading - April 2014 Call or email for your very own Intuitive Card Reading: Office- 403-934-6416 or Cell Phone: 403-998-9756. Be surprised how much you can learn about yourself and the guidance you will get from The Great Divine!