This is a story about a lady who discovers that Self-Love, Forgiveness and Self-massage, where the keys to her great journey of natural healing. She also discovered that self-massage has the same benefits as massage and also helps on the pocket book; which she falls in love with!

Here’s her story:
Her parents named her Cynthia, and after being married her name is now Cynthia Barnesky. She has been dealing with body pain for over 19 years now, targeting the head, neck, shoulders, arms and back, mixed in with a little depression.  It all started with the birth of her first child for which a C-section was required.  Two months later she needed another surgery to remove her Gallbladder.  Recovering slowly from the two surgeries, Cynthia found out 3 months later that she was with child again.  She was excited about being pregnant again.  However, she was in a car accident and had a miscarriage a month later.  Slowly, gradually her body started shutting down creating more and more pain. Dispirited and desperate to be rid of the pain, she thought that there was only one way out of this pain and it was to “END IT”.  She credits her love for her young daughter (Annette), her greatest gift, for helping her change her heart.  Realizing that she needed help Cynthia subsequently went to see her doctor. After so many tragedies Cynthia was then diagnosed with postpartum depression. The first treatment was anti-depression pills and second was attend physiotherapy.  Cynthia learned how to relax her body through physio, but discovered that she did not like how the anti-depression pills made her feel (not her-self). She also could no longer sense what it felt like to be happy, sad, and angry and other emotions.  Consequently, she stopped taking the anti-depression pills after three months of trying what the Doctor prescribed.  She started looking for alternative ways to help her body heal naturally and ways to combat the pain naturally. Through many years of trial and error, recognizing that she did not have enough money to do all things that she was guided to try, she never gave up in trying many methods and Natural Practitioners.  With the help of many alternative practitioners, she did find some beneficial and natural ways of helping her body heal. Some days were good ones and others were a challenge just to get up out of bed.  She persevered, knowing with her mind, heart and soul that she did not what to go back to that “end it” place.  She kept on trying and praying. However, some years later, she found out that she had developed fibromyalgia.  This illness explained many challenging physical symptoms and why often she was in such pain that could not even give her children a hug.

Because of her history of physical and mental challenges, Cynthia became especially passionate about her quest to help herself heal naturally. She found ways to help promote her body, mind and soul to heal.  Cynthia successfully trained as a Registered Massage Therapist, Reiki and Reflexology Practitioner, Intuitive Healer/Reader all just to help herself heal more safely and faster. She also discovered that self-massage that it has all the benefits that massage does but she can save money by working on herself. Self-massage also helped maintain any treatment she received from an Alternative Practitioner. Cynthia noticed that using most of these self-help techniques everyday helped to promote and maintain her natural healing process. She learned that Self-Love, Forgiveness and Self-Massage held the key with incorporating energy work, helped her promote a safer and quicker way of healing. The one technique that seemed to help out the most is self Trigger-Point massage. It helps reduce, release, and manage the pain of the fibromyalgia. Cynthia also realized that a lot of her pain was caused by holding emotional feeling of hurt, hate, anger, frustration, guilt, lack of self-love, and mistrust!  She learned from many teachers, that healing all starts with her and that she is the only one that holds the key to a happier, healthier, and successful self.  Ultimately, by using the many tools that she has learned, she is now almost drug free.  Cynthia has come a long way from that lady who wanted to “end it”. But her story is not over yet.  Now Cynthia has dedicated her life to loving, living, and helping others do the same. May Cynthia’s journey inspire you and be filled with more love, learning and sharing!

* * *

And if you would like more information on self-massage and its benefits and techniques just go to Self-Massage Books and  start learning some of the benefits to self-massage. Cynthia has used self-massage now for over 19 years and has given many of your clients the tools they need to benefit they healing bodies. Cynthia Barnesky is a Registered Massage Therapist, Reiki and Reflexology Practitioner, Intuitive Healer/Reader of People and Pets. It is up to you to just keep learning more and more about the natural ways the body needs to heal!