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Self-Massage: Relief At Your Finger Tips

By James_M_Harris (Guest Blogger).

We all crave a good massage. Even if we are not suffering from any long-term problems or pains, almost everyone loves being pampered and getting maximum pleasure out of a relaxing experience. Having someone, or something to massage you with a therapeutic touch can be a very good experience.

How to Overcome Back Pain Naturally

By Christine Crotts ( Guest Blogger).

Whether you lifted something too heavy or became too excited at the sports game last night, back pain plagues the best of us. If you have simply “thrown your back out” there is not much that a doctor can do for you. Therefore, you are left to your own devices, searching for

Trigger Point Treatment

By Anita Boser (Guest Blogger)

Injuries are a fact of life, so most people will experience a trigger point that causes pain or a headache for a day or longer. In our technology laden world with hours spent with poor posture in front of a computer monitor or TV, trigger points in the neck and shoulders are more common than ever.