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VOTING OPENS TODAY for Readers Choice Best in Business Awards, presented to you by The Newsy Neighbour, The Town of Strathmore, The Langdon Community Association and The City of Chestermere. This is HUGE!


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4) First Round Voting CLOSES on December 14th, then we will move onto the Finalists round of voting.

5) Winners will be determined by YOU, the voters. The business with the most votes wins!

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New Year, New Resolutions, New Way; “The Natural Way”


We are now into another New Year; so what are you going to do differently than any other New Year?  We all make New Year’s Resolutions and we all break them. Why not just keep this one? “I will try with all my will and means to help my body stay or become healthy the natural way.” This is not a very difficult one to keep! There are many things around us that we are already using and that can be used to help or maintain your body’s health. If you are one of those people who are looking to change your lifestyle, why not add self-massage to it too?

There are so many benefits: 

* Self-massage can help you lose weight,

* Help you with your sore muscles before and after your new routine at the gym,

* Self-massage can even help you if you decide to quit smoking,  

* Self-massage is a big key to help with healing your body naturally, 

* Self-massage does not only work on your muscles,

* It also works on all levels of being; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

To help you while you make lifestyle changes, and to make your resolutions more enjoyable, here are some of the advantages of Self-Massage:


*All you need are your hands, so this makes it very inexpensive to try and learn.  The techniques involved actually entail far less strain and stress than you might think, allowing you to diet, exercise or even quit smoking more easily.


*Self-massage helps relax the whole-body systems, making you feel safe, calm, and loose; also allowing you to sleep better.

* To support your exercise program, self-massage can increase blood circulation and flexibility, which in turn helps relieve muscle tension, relax the muscles, thus keeping them healthy, flexible and strong and when self-massage is done prior to exercise helps stave off injuries.

* When we are happy, the body is also happy and healthier. When we decide to make lifestyle changes the natural way, self massage can help produce chemical changes in the body that contribute to feeling happy, naturally.  These chemicals are called endorphins (the natural happy drug). Feeling happiness helps the body experience less stress and feels less depressed.

* Self-massage boosts the immune system, making you feel that you have what it takes to keep going on your natural lifestyle journey. * When you exercise, quit smoking or even change your diet, your body has to “detox”.  Self-massage helps the body detoxify naturally. When your body’s balance is re-established, your chances of succeeding in your healthy lifestyle change increases, thus improving overall health.

* If you are stressing over your resolutions, self-massage will help decrease your blood pressure.  When less stressed, you are helping your body to be more in balance; giving you confidence, drive, and determination to finish what you have already started.

* Self-massage is a great way to really get to know your body; how it feels, where it is sore, what pressure you like or dislike and the overall health of your body inside and out. If you know your body better, you can increase your chances of success in your New Year’s Resolutions.

*Self-massage is also one great way to help your skin look and feel young and healthy. Who doesn’t want that!

So, knowing that self-massage can aid in your New Year’s Resolutions, my question to you is:  why not incorporate self-massage or massage into your lifestyle change, “The Natural Way”?  It is easy to learn and do, easy on the pocket book and it benefits you and your body in so many remarkable ways.  Do yourself a favour and start adding self-massage to your life today! It is never too late to start!

Call for an appointment today: 403-934-6416 

Strathmore Christmas Farmers Market

SunRise Healing Center will be at Strathmore Christmas Farmers Market this Saturday November 24th, 2012 from 10am -4pm. Check out the poster for some of the products that Cynthia will have there. There will be products that are 20% off and some new ones. Just in time for Christmas!

Hope to see you there!  

Check calendar for Map to Civic Center