Are you in control or is your computer?

Here are some great tips, just watch!

Cynthia’s Comment’s:
This video gives some basic tips when you have to be at your desk and working at a computer, but sometimes even for myself I find that I get carried away working and do not take a break. In doing so, I also get sore back, neck, shoulders and even my arms and hands. We all have to remember is that your bodies are more important than your jobs. Without your health we have no jobs.

I am trying to be more aware of this and am giving myself more breaks and are looking after my body too. Here are some of the things I try to do.
If you can’t get away from your desk as much as you would like, then try going to the bathroom and doing some stretches there. I know that sounds odd, but it really works and your body will Thank you for it. Another great tool that was not mentioned is to just stop working for a minute or two; move your chair away from your desk and sit straight with your shoulders back and relaxed and just by taking three deep breaths in and out, relaxing every time you breathe out. You are bring in more oxygen into your body and are releasing any tensions that you are holding in your body. Your body will love you for every deep breath in and out you take. If you can do this every half an hour, this will change how you body feels at the end of the day, but if half an hour seams not reasonable for you, then at least once every hour. There is another thing I like to do when I get a sore back, neck, shoulders and even arms, I like to call it self-trigger point massage, and all you need is a rubber ball and a solid wall. Remember once you know how to self-trigger point; you can just about do this anywhere that has a wall. Remember you are important to this job and you would like to keep doing what you need and love to do, so just take some time out for you and your body, mind and soul will never let you down.