Drug Free way to heal muscle and joint Pain!!!

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As a Certified Therapeutic Massage Therapist for over 9 years now, Cynthia E.H. Barnesky is always looking for natural healing products and she just found another one! MUSCLE CHECK!!!!!

It was created by a brilliant Certified Therapeutic Massage Therapist “Shelly Rimes”. A local Lady that have dedicated her life to helping people of all ages live a pain free life. Shelly Rimes has 20 + years in helping people’s performance and body movement by using drug-free pain relief. She has work on this amazing “healing” drug-free product for a few years now and it is now approved by Health Canada and is ready to be shared by all! If you need more information go to: http://sunrisehealingcenter.com/products/muscle-check/ If you would like to try this amazing drug-free healing ointment; email me or give me a call: 403-934-6416. It is great for arthritis or any kind of joint or muscle pain. Try some today!

I have four different sizes: 120 ml for $42.95 and 60 ml for $29.99; 70 ml Stick for $34.99 and 15g stick for $14.99.  Theses prices do not include GST or Shipping and Handing. If you by 12 or more at a time receive 10% off your order. Great for gifts too!

jar-muscle-check                   70 ml Stick