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January 24th, 2020 at 8:45 pm


“Crazy Mood Swings” New Moon January 24, 2020 – Ceremony


Things we need for the Altar:

  1. Glass of water
  2. A planet – dirt
  3. A candle – fire
  4. Air – deep breathing


Things to bring for the Altar: one of these from #1-6 and make sure you bring #7.

  1. Pictures of a happy time
  2. A ring, necklace or bracelet that really makes you happy when wearing it
  3. Some kind of favorite food – anything, even sugar related
  4. Crystals – that make you happy
  5. Your favorite flower – it can be a picture or the real thing
  6. Write down your favorite song, music, movie, or show


Place offerings around the Altar, one by one, making a circle around the Altar.


Energy is already affecting us. It starts three days before the New Moon’s date and continues four days after, which is the most intense for energy; so if you miss this meditation, just go to my Facebook Page “Daily Gratitude Jar” and replay my live meditation. You can find the full ceremony on my website under my Blog!


This New moon is radiating energy down to Earth and into the universe; some may feel a little crazy, unsettled, wanting to question everything, have a hard time sleeping and an uneasiness in their body, mind, and spiritual beliefs. These feelings can cause people to have higher reactions such as anxiety, fearfulness, paranoia, unexplained anger, involuntary muscle movements and an unpredictable need to cry. This energy will also affect electronics and mechanical items. With some people, these energies will be making you feel like you are going “crazy,” but just knowing it is the New Moon’s energy, we can help alleviate these feelings by being aware and realizing how to help ourselves when these feelings come.


The first thing you do when you realize your change in energy, you need to understand that this is not your fault and that you can stop everything you are doing and take a few slow, deep breaths in and out to calm down. Try to also limit the amount of sugar you eat; this lessen that amount of worry to the physical body. If things are just looking “crazy,” you need to do some self-help grounding techniques. Drinking water and running your hand under running water and feeling the water’s energy going into the ground will help YOU to ground. Also, listening to our favorite radio station or listening to music that makes us happy. You could also do a short ten to thirty-minute meditation with deep breathing. You can also use some acupressure points to help you ground. Use the ST 36 point, which is four finger widths below the kneecap and one finger width to the outside of the shin bone. There is a slight indentation there. To feel if you are on the right spot, flex your foot and you should feel the muscle move when you move your foot up and down. This point can be very sensitive to some. Hold this point gently at first and breathe in and out slowly, holding this point deeper, but not so deep that you cause yourself a bruise. Hold, breathing deeply and slowly, in and out for about two to three minutes. If it is too sore, gently hold for thirty seconds to one minute. Do this four to six times a day! The best way to reach this point is by sitting in a chair with your knees bent. The objective of doing this point so often is to balance this point so the subconscious can realize it is a habit!


There are some essential oils that can help calm, relax, and ground you. Note: Please use essential oils with caution, for some oils may cause irritation to skin. Also be careful that some of these essential oils can cause irritation to lungs and breathing.  Please consult with a professional for using any of these oils. You can use these essential oils in a diffuser. Do not use them all together, only one or two! Here is a list: Spruce, Cypress, Bergamot, Rose, Lavender, Orange, Roman Chamomile, Frankincense, Lemon, Basil, Clary Sage, Sandalwood and Tangerine. These are just a few!


Starting Meditation:

Everyone can sit or lie down, but you need to relax; close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out slowly. Relax deeper and deeper with every in and out breath.

Thank you for all being here and thank you Moon for sending us new challenging energy for us to grow. Thank you Divine, Loved Ones, Angels, Spirits and Guides for helping us to realize that even though there is change always happening, we can remain grounded, calm and in the moment.


Dear Moon, we ask on behalf of all our family, friends and for the greater good of all, that these loving, healing, nurturing, supporting and forgiving energies and vibrations reach through time and space to whomever is going through change in their life right now and that this energy is gentle and compassionate in this time of change. May we realize that we are just in a state of change and this also will pass.


Dear New Moon, I know that this is also a perfect time to start something new; a new course, new project, new life style, new relationship, new job or just something that you have always wanted to do. But I do have to have an open heart and mind for it to come to me and I must act on it for it to come true.


Help me navigate through these unstable energies of change. Help me to stay grounded and to just go with the flow. There will be many things that I will not understand why they are happening; but give me strength, energy, and faith for experiencing the unexpected. I am not going “crazy,” I am just a human experiencing a cosmic energy of great power and change. I am sorry for what I may say, do, think, and act at this time. Please forgive me and I forgive myself for the uncontrollable words, thoughts, and actions that I may feel compelled to do. I love you Divine and myself totally and completely at this time of chaos. Thank you Divine for loving me, supporting me, guiding me, providing strength for me, motivating me, protecting me, providing abundance for my every need and for forgiving me.


Please hear all the Daily Gratitude Jar messages and help change these messages into love, healing, creativity, abundance, peace, contentment, and compassion.

Read out some Daily Gratitude Jar messages – say around thirteen of them.


Dear Father, Creator of all, we ask you hear our prayer. We are full of gratitude, love and forgiveness.  “I am sorry.  Please forgive me and I forgive myself. I love You,

I thank You! – New Moon of Crazy


Say the prayer or mantra three times. At the last phrase, give thanks to the New Moon of Crazy.


Take a deep breath in and out slowly and start to move your fingers, hands, and feet. When you are ready, open your eyes slowly, take another deep breath in and out slowly, look around, and notice how you feel. If you feel not in your body, just keep breathing slowly and keep moving your physical body until you feel heavy, relaxed and contented.


“May peace, contentment, love, joy, health, prosperity, guidance, and creativity be with you into the next month of change and also new possibilities with a clear mind, body and soul!

Cynthia Barnesky

Daily Gratitude Jar

SunRise Healing Center