by MINDI BOYSEN (Guest Blogger)

Here is a great video on how you can use your very own golf balls to help you great the best of your body for the whole season of golf and more.

Cynthia’s Comments:

Calling all golfers and anyone interested if self-care! This video explains what you can do with a golf ball and how much it helps the whole body systems. Reflexology is proven to be one of the most natural, safe and easy self-massage technique you can to do. The biggest thing to remember not to massage with the golf ball to hard and if it is really sore, begin slowly with the pressure and slowly increase the pressure of the ball; but consistence. These can help not just for your golf game, but for your game of life. With Reflexology you are not just massaging your feet, you are massage the whole body; inside and out! This makes Reflexology the most powerful self-massage technique around. Like Mindi explains that stretching too is also very important.
With self-massage incorporated with stretching the body is so much more flexible, healthier, and the muscles now has the power to do it’s task, if that is golf, walking, or just playing with your kids. Warming the whole body is a very smart important thing to do before any kind of activity. You can start off with light tapping of your bigger muscles, starting from the caves, then your thighs, quads, gluts, and very lightly on your lower back. Then move on to your arms, biceps, and shoulders. Here you can just lightly move the muscles of your neck and scalp. Take a few deep breaths in and out. This is when you can do your self-golf ball reflexology treatment. Then with a few easy stretches from your neck, shoulders, arms, and the back and lower back. After that do some stretches for your gluts, hips, hamstrings, quads, and caves. Now you can just take either hand and gently rub all of your muscles gently from toe to the head. This is a great warm up for any sport, activity and like for me every morning before I start my day. Think about it, don’t you feel better when your body is warmed up, so why not warm up your muscles and feel loose, relaxed and confident for what you decide to do. So golfers, start off your day with a self-massage, self-reflexology treatment and last but not lest do some slow and easy stretches. Good luck with your game!