By Abhishek Agarwal (Guest Blogger)

Thousands of people each year are affected by the condition of back pain, not to mention the number of days and hours lost from work due to it. Additionally, everyday day thousands of dollars are spent each day for treatment an medical care for sufferers of back pain as well as
the costs of health care. With the costs of health care increasing rapidly each year, people have started opting for methods of self-treatment for their back pain. This is especially true for those who suffer from recurring backache and cannot afford to repeatedly visit the doctor.

Doctors normally discourage age methods of self-treatment as the pain might be a sign of the start of a more serious condition affecting the back. In a number of cases, the back pain starts off as a normal back ache, but due to improper treatment it turns into a more serious back pain that becomes chronic and difficult to treat and cure. For people who know exactly what is causing their back pain because of some particular activity, self-treatment for the pain is suitable.

When the back pain begins one should get enough rest to observe if it makes any difference. In case the back pain is localized such as in the upper or lower back, it is recommended to ice it for a while in order to prevent swelling.

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Put ice on the painful area for around five to fifteen minutes between a few hours for the first couple of days. A number of over-the-counter medicines are available that can help relieve the pain in its early stages. There are also a number of anti-inflammatory drugs that are available. Whatever the case of back pain may be, these methods should be strictly followed while practicing self treatment for pain relief. Unless you are certain that your back is injured and require surgery, these are the methods the doctor will recommend to help you relieve the back pain.

If, after a couple of days, the pain still lingers, you can use heat to relieve the pain using things such as hot water bottle, a warm bath or a heating pad. A number of people have found that soaking their body in a hot oil bath containing essential oils is very relaxing for the back. This method is a popular self-treatment method for back pain.

Although on the first day, rest is extremely important, medical studies claim that complete bed rest is not beneficial for the back pain; if nothing else, it can only make it worse by prolonging the pain. After a few days, you must try to return to your usually routine as fast as possible. Exercise is an integral part of self-treatment for relieving pain as they build the back muscles in order to avoid injury.

A number of supplements have been found to be extremely effective in relieving pain as well as strengthening the back muscles. A few such supplements include Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, fish oil supplements, magnesium and others. These can be found in any health store.

In case there is no improvement in your condition after a certain period of using self-treatment methods, visit a doctor immediately.

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It is very important that you consult your Doctor first before starting any kind of self treatment, but there are thing that you can do that will not hurt you if you try them first. Like resting is a very important tool to try first. It gives your body a chance to heal naturally, remember the body know what to do! Second thing you can try is if you just hurt your back please use ice for the first three days and rest, and then you can start using heat after that. If your back is still very sore please see your Chiropractor or you family Doctor, Register Massage Therapist (RMT) . If you have already seen your Doctor, Chiropractor or RMT and this is an old one, you can use heat to help loosen your muscle and then rest. The most important thing to remember is that you should never stop moving, this has been proven that movement of any kind is very beneficial to the healing of any injury, unless moving makes it so unbearable that you can not handle it. Please STOP and go see your Doctor or Chiropractor right away, if that is impossible go to Emergency. If in doubt, please connect your Doctor, Chiropractor or Register Massage Therapist for any questions. Good luck in your natural healing journey!