picture-readingCan a picture talk to You?

Yes, it can!

“A picture can say a thousands words!”

With her Divine Gift of Intuitive Reading, she can tune into your higher-self and into your chakra centers to get information needed at this time of your life. She can see where you have been and see the things that need to change or to keep the same; in order to reach your Divine Happiness, Health, Wealth, and Success. She works with the Divine loving energy, your faith and your work as a team to help you on your Healing Journey.

Private Sessions:

In a private session, Cynthia uses Picture Cards. They are cards like angel cards, but instead of angels on the front they are pictures with a message on the other side of the card. Cynthia mixes the deck and then asks you to do the same. Then Cynthia starts the reading by randomly selecting cards giving you the messages that come. Sometimes Cynthia gets messages before selecting cards or even in between the cards. Even loved-ones have come to leave messages too.

Cynthia will use other cards after all the messages from the Picture Cards are done. She will use Doreen Virtue’s cards, “Healing with the Fairies and Magical Massage from the Fairies” or Steven D. Farmer’s “Power Animal Oracle Cards and Messages from your Animal Spirit guides”.

She will decide which cards have the right message for you at that time. After the reading, Cynthia well does some energy work on you, clearing and balancing your chakras. You will receive the reading on a CD for you after any 30 minute or longer reading.

Group or Small Parties

You can invite 4-6 special people to your house. Cynthia comes and gives you a choice of 8 envelopes; you pick one, open it and see the picture you have picked out! Try not to show your picture to anyone in the room.

Cynthia will do a 3-5 minute meditation that she feels you need at this time, “Quiet Time”. After this time is up, all of you put your pictures face down in front of Cynthia. She then takes a picture and intuitively read it, not knowing whose picture is whose. She reads what your higher-self and The Divine is letting her know at this time. She will give you some suggestions to help you change the things that need changing or give you great loving comments on some of your gifts and personalities.

She will do the reading for about 10-15 minutes and the last 3 minutes, Cynthia will send loving healing energy to the chakra areas that have come up during the reading. She will tape each reading on their on tack and putting all the readings on one CD for you to take home.

If this sounds interesting to you or you would like to know more about just call or email Cynthia. She would be more then happy to answer any questions you may have.

Get a sample reading:

Let Cynthia read one thing about yourself first and then you can decided if you what more of the Reading done. A reading includes a Free CD and healing after 30 minutes.

She can do a reading in person if you live with in 150 km radius of Strathmore, Alberta, or over the phone, or even through email. You pick what is best for you!

Hi Cynthia,
I’m Nancy, you did a picture talk reading for me last week at Our Angels, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I have a reading of some sort done about once or twice a year and yours was one of the more accurate and practical ones I have experienced. Keep up the good work!

For Private and Group Picture Talk Readings.

Call 403.934.6416 or email Cynthia for an appointment!

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