“What can Massage do for You?”

Massage 1

Do you suffer from Headaches, Migraines, Sore Neck, Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, Whiplash, or tight Sore Muscles from stress? Have you had replacement knee or hip surgery? Tendinitis? Massage can help!

Let me tell you how:

It can:

  1. Release tight muscles
  2. Release blocked energy
  3. Relieve Stress
  4. Increase Blood flow
  5. Reduce Pain
  6. Help you Sleep better
  7. Detoxify the whole body system
  8. Increases muscle tone
  9. Increase Joint Movement

Massage is for all ages, from babies to seniors. Expectant moms can also benefit from holistic massage.   Incorporating Reiki, Aromatherapy, Crystal and Gemstones Therapy, Energy Work and many other Therapies,  Cynthia can help you in the healing art of touch! This can help you manage stress, in doing so; helps you to decrease your risk of disease.  Cynthia also gives you tools to use when you go home to help continue the healing touch.  She can show you how to self-massage safely and how to release energy blocks so you can continue healing on all levels.

Massage can heal you from the inside out. From the mind, nourishing the soul, and bring healing to a whole new level.

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