Did you know that Cupping Therapy has been around for thousands of years? It is on of the oldest and most extensively practiced therapeutic treatments. Many cultures around the world practiced different types of this kind of therapy using various different tools to achieve similar effects. The first cup that was know to be used was from a gourd and than expanded into using horns, bones nuts, seashells, bamboo etc. by learning how to hollow out this tools and create how to create a suction, primarily by mouth, while plugging the tiny hole in the end with local ingredients. People used this cupping techniques in the earlier days to help drain out toxins from poisonous bits, infections (pus) etc.

Cupping is an ancient method of causing congestion where a vacuum is created with use of vessels, which are then placed on the skin either by means of heat or suction. (Which I am using suction), which than draws up the underlying tissues (we like to call this markings).Common Skin Reaction


This negative pressure creates a drawing action in the tissues rather than the compression of regular massage and the results of this lifting is effective by separating the tissue layers. Myofascial release is accomplished with the lifting and loosing of the tight damaged tissues, while assisting in the restructuring of the underlying myocardial bands. Cupping also affects the parasympathetic nervous systems allowing an added relaxation component to the treatment.











Benefits include: It manually loosens and helps with circulation to treated area; the lymphatic system is more effective; helps to decreases joint discomfort by increasing vasodilation and activates the release of the synovial fluid; helps with the digestive systems; relaxes the muscles and makes them feel a lot loose; helps increase the healing process; and helps with the detoxification in the muscles tissues, allowing the muscles to feel lighter and looser!

I am offering Massage Cupping Therapy for the same price as a regular massage!

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