Why not put your feet first?

reflexology-2You can discover alternative methods to live a happy and healthy life as unique as you.  The body knows how to heal, but sometimes it needs a little help.Reflexology is one of the ways a therapist helps activate the healing powers of the body from the inside out.  It is the art of acupressure or trigger points, along with massaging the feet, hands and yes, even the ears! The body, mind and soul can then release, rebuild, restore, renew and relax.

Reflexology is both an old and new method of therapy.  It goes as far back as the Egyptians and now it is becoming mainstream in the twenty first century.  Reflexology is an art of channeling the healing energy.  When therapists lay their hands and do specific techniques by applying pressure to the feet, they create the channels for the healing energy to circulate to all parts of the body.  This helps the body to start the healing process. The feet, hands, and ears are the mirror to the body.  When you touch parts of your feet, hands, or ears you are stimulating specific parts of the body, therefore helping the body heal by restoring, balancing and maintaining the body’s natural equilibrium.

Why not let the many benefits of Reflexology help you!

  • It helps to reduce stress and induce deep relaxation
  • It improves circulation throughout the whole body
  • It helps cleanse the body of toxins and impurities
  • It balances the whole system
  • It revitalizes energy
  • It is preventative health care
  • It stimulates creativity and productivity
  • It nurtures relationships
  • It helps boost your immune system
  • Help in the art of meditation

Reflexology is a safe, natural and a caring way to help your whole body heal!

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