Trigger Points – How to Self-Treat Trigger Point Pain

This is a great video on trigger points for lower back and sciatica.

Sometimes there are trigger point in the lower back or the mid-back that can cause your sciatica to flare up and cause pain, so you think! As it was said in the video that sometimes the pain comes from referred trigger points that can feel just like sciatica, but by working on the mid and lower back and along with the gluteus, you can help release these trigger points that may be causing you the referred pain. There are many things that you can try first with lower back pain and sciatica.

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You can first heat up the area that is sore and the mid and lower back as well. Do not forget the gluteus! A rubber ball is a great tool to help self-massage these areas and find trigger points. But please be careful on how hard you massage and stay away from the kidney area with the ball. Self-massage with a rubber ball is easy, safe, and very inexpensive. After you have done some trigger points and self-massage with the ball you might want to do some very easy stretching of the lower back and hips to help release the muscles you have just worked on. Remember if it is really sore. STOP, but also remember that doing trigger point work will be painful only while you are doing it and maybe a day or so after, and if you are still sore after three days, you know that you have gone to deep. So just that it slow and easy, the body does know what to do if you just give it a little help!

This tools looks like a great one, if you want to learn about it I have it featured here for you. There is an instruction book that comes with the tool.

I hope that whichever way you would like to release pain, with a massage therapist, trigger point tools or just self-massage that you at least try something! All the best to your Natural way of Healing Back Pain!