Dear Cynthia,

   I feel as if I was reborn after your massage. Love your massages! Thank-you and my body thanks you.

Love Margie

Jill Clark 2009/09/16
Cynthia has helped me more than any of the massage therapists I have been to in the last 15 years. My first car accident was 15 years ago and the second was 6 years ago. Since then, I have suffered from constant headaches, neck and back pain. As part of a health/pain management team, Cynthia has helped me to last longer from massage to massage and also I have not needed to see my chiropractor as often. She uses techniques of trigger point that have really helped my muscles to release more than other massage therapists have been able to do. Now that I am pregnant, she has also been able to adapt her techniques to adjust to my changing body. I especially like how she is able to “tune” in and find the tightest spots and get them to release.
Thank-you Cynthia!

Jan Hansen or

For a couple of years I have been trying to figure out a way to rid myself of my shoulder pain.  My dog had leaped off the end of her leash into the air, taking along my shoulder.
I am a holistic therapist who works with massage therapists and so I have had countless wonderful massages of all types, therapeutic and otherwise. Cynthia’s massage was far more than a massage.  It was very therapeutic which I wanted and it included many other aspects that also helped including trigger points, crystal work, intuitive messages and much more.  I was able to sleep without pain and awakened with a nice loose feeling over my whole body.
Cynthia is a very talented practitioner and I believe that I just experienced the best massage I may ever have had.


Intuitive Card Reading:

Hi Cynthia,

I’m Nancy, you did a picture talk reading for me last week at Our Angels, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I have a reading of some sort done about once or twice a year and yours was one of the more accurate and practical ones I have experienced.

Keep up the good work!

If you would like to leave any kind of comment about you treatment or readings please free to do so!

Cynthia sends the Great Divine’s Love, Healing and Protection to all that she has touched and she thanks all of you for coming into her life and in reaching it!




Last week I had the pleasure of making a new friend when I met Cynthia and then had a picture talk reading with her.

She has been blessed with the ability to share loving guidance from our guardian angels and spirit guides and loved ones. The messages she shared with me have helped me on my new path in life. I’ve already taken steps on this journey…and it feels great!

I look forward to visiting with her again and future inspirational readings!

Thank you Cynthia for your gifts and for your friendship!




Intuitive Pet Healing/Reading




I just wanted to let everyone know how amazingly talented Cynthia is. Recently, my dog was attacked by a pit bull and had sustained a serious neck injury as well as emotional trauma. I called Cynthia right away to do distance pet healing on my dog. The very next day after the healing, it was like nothing ever happened! My dog had his beautiful spirit and energy back. I couldn’t believe it. When I took my dog for a checkup a few days later the vet couldn’t believe how his injuries were healing. She had said it was one of the fastest healings she’s ever seen. I give so much thanks and credit to Cynthia for helping us through this life situation. I am so grateful to have found Cynthia and would recommend her services. If you have a pet, you must have Cynthia’s phone number on hand!

Rosanna Sardella