What is a Trigger Point Massage? Watch this video

Cynthia’s Comments:

Hope this video has help you understand more about trigger points and how important it is to get them treated by a massage therapist or through self-massage. Remember that you can treat a trigger point yourself if you know how to do self-massage. Remember if you are doing self-trigger point massage, you can control the pressure and how long you need to self-massage yourself. Please be-careful and do not self-massage on your spine or around the kidney area. Listen to what your body is telling you, if it really hurts then stop it, but you have to remember with trigger points it will hurt as you press and release the trigger point. It is important to know if the pain is so bad that you can not stand it, while or after doing any kind of self-massage, please go see a Professional, your Doctor or a Massage Therapist. There are some great books on self-trigger point massage. Here is one that I use a lot and some of my clients use it too.

By Clair Davies NCTMB, Amber Davies NCTMB